Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was a big milestone at our house, because Cooper had an opinion on his costume for the first time. He loves The Wizard of Oz, so I was gunning hard for that to be our family theme. Coop could be the tin man, Madeline the lion, Matt the scarecrow, I would be Dorothy and off to see the wizard we'd go (or, in our case, off to trick or treat).

Coop wasn't having it.

A recent crocodile obsession brought him quickly to a love for the song "Never Smile at a Crocodile," which led to love for Peter Pan. He wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween--no question about it--and really I was pretty happy with that choice too.

Peter & Tink, Wendy & Captain Hook. Matt gets the credit for his own costume.

I have a thing for homemade Halloween costumes. They're just cuter. I know there's no way I'll be able to make homemade costumes every year, but this year I had the time and we went for it.

[^^I'm not a seamstress but I got lucky with this one and it was mostly smooth sailing.]

October 1 was rainy and gray, perfect for a trip to the fabric store where we haphazardly grabbed anything we thought we might need. Of the various things I did in the costume-making process, I am most proud of the fact that with only a very fuzzy costume vision in mind (I was armed with google images of the cartoon Peter and Tink on my phone), I somehow managed to get everything I needed, and nothing to spare, in about 30 minutes with two "helpful" kids and very little fabric store experience to my name. It's probably the most successful shopping we've ever done.

And so, Peter and Tink visited Boston.

Tinkerbell wouldn't wear her wings when Halloween night rolled around, but Tink always did have some sass, so I'm pretty sure it was just Madeline getting into character.

The Beacon Hill experience was magical as usual, and just barely warm enough that we didn't need coats over our costumes, as long as we wore a layer or two underneath them. 


What would Halloween be without a stop at Starbucks for water and hot cocoa before heading home? The kids enjoyed entertaining passers-by through the window while waiting for our refreshments. 


After the kids were in bed Matt and I watched Hook. 

We've been enjoying lots of games of pretend revolving around Peter Pan since Halloween. I hope to always remember how Cooper as Peter Pan interacts with Madeline as Tinkerbell. "Tink, come on Tink!" Then he turns to me and says, "She has lots of pixie dust, Mom…I mean, Abby." (Because Peter doesn't have a mother.)

A few other things I'd like to remember:

He can sing all of "Never Smile at a Crocodile" and "You Can Fly"--even the spoken parts.

He loves pretending to be Hook almost as much as he loves pretending to be Peter, but his favorite is having someone else pretend to be Hook, so that he can chase that person with the Tick Tock Croc. (We have many crocodiles in our home, ranging from an authentic "Tick Tock Croc" from Disney World to a garlic press and a can opener.)

He is extra excited about Christmas because he's spent so much time singing, "Think of Christmas think of snow, think of sleigh bells off you go, like reindeer in the sky!" (Except sometimes he says, "Like Wendy in the sky…").

He always calls me Abby and Madeline Tinkerbell when he is pretending to be Peter Pan "just visiting Boston."

[^^The day before Halloween we went trick-or-treating at Fenway Park, right out on the baseball diamond! It was a pretty fun experience, even if only one of us felt like wearing a costume.]

I went to his preschool parent/teacher conference and they gave me a progress report on skills he is developing. In the column "Engages in dramatic play and will act out simple stories," they marked the "Not yet" box. Which was just about the most curious thing I've ever seen.

 In fact, Peter joined us at the park just yesterday. 

"All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust…"

[P.S. A bonus picture of us on November 1 at a murder mystery dinner with friends]

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Erin said...

So cute. Your kids are lucky to have a mom who cares so much about making great memories, even when they are so little.