Lake Winnipesaukee

When I was in high school, every summer was a free-for-all at the "res," or reservoir, in the college town where I grew up in Iowa. I'd roll out of bed in the morning, drive ten minutes to the pool where I taught swimming lessons for a few hours, and then book it to the res as quickly as I could to meet my friends on the boat. I now cringe whenever I think of how fast I'd speed down those back, winding roads that led up, up over the top of the reservoir and down to the dock.

When we were younger it was my girl friends and a dad, but later on it was usually a 3:5 girl-to-guy ratio, which suited us well too.:) My friend Laura would bring scotcharoos, and we would alternate tubing and laying in the sun all afternoon as we sped around keeping one eye out for other friends who were also on the water. 

Then we'd head home, shower and change, and meet back up at night, sometimes with whoever our current crushes were, but often with that same boating crew. It's amazing how those Iowa summers were so magical back then. Plenty to do, plenty of excitement, and the camaraderie of a city small enough that you felt like you knew a good portion of it (even though, really, you didn't). I know I'll never live there again, but I'm so glad it's where I grew up. 

All that to say, I love the feeling of jumping off the back of a boat into some cool, fresh water in the summertime. We've had the chance to spend several weekends this summer at Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. We think that place is a little slice of heaven on earth, and are so grateful to friends who have given us the chance to spend some time there over the years.

Here come the photos!

Waving hello from the swim dock. I think we were all a little surprised when I was the first one to jump into the water. We spent the morning cheering on friends in a triathlon in town, and after watching every one of those swimmers dive into the lake earlier, I couldn't wait another second. 

Cooper showing Madeline the ropes. I always wanted to have a boy first so that the rest of my children would have a big brother. It's definitely not always a love fest, but this picture makes me love what we have going on around here.

Daddy-kids Saturday boat snugs.

A little dribble practice in between boat rides.

Our first family tube ride. (Minus Madeline, who was napping.) I'll be honest, we had to drag a nervous, crying Cooper onto the tube, but if you zoom in on that picture I think you'll see that we got a smile out of him! 

And of course he was all smiles about reuniting with his best girl friend, who moved to California last summer. We sure love that lady. 

The quality of this picture is terrible, but I had to include our morning golf cart ride selfie with Madeline.

Watching Daddy ski.

Enjoying gingerbread cookies from the Yum Yum shop--our favorite.

And one more photo of the back of Coop's head, and his look-alike buddy too.

Until next time, we'll be dreaming of life on a lake.

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Laura said...

This post is exactly what I needed this morning. I miss those Iowa summers spent on the boat with the best of friends and not a care in the world. They really were magical!!

Your time in Wolfeboro looks equally as magical. Love all the pics! Those kids sure do get cuter & cuter. Mmmm gingerbread.